David is the team’s Executive Producer here in Australia.
David cut his teeth working at Buena Vista International (aka Walt Disney) touring artists such as Anne Hathaway, Quentin Tarantino and Ben Stiller while working on all the big Disney movies you know you and love, like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc and Snow Dogs. After a short stint in personal PR where amongst others, he looked after Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson on their Australian tours, David strolled into the ABC ‘on a one month contract to see what it was like’ before being asked to stay and manage special commercial projects including The Wiggles, Planet Earth and Summer Heights High, including the roll out of the ‘Sorry Ranga’ campaign, which won the AVSDA for Best Marketing Campaign that year.
David then became National Marketing Manager for youth networks ABC3 and ABC For Kids where he did such an awesome job, ABC For Kids’ biggest star on the network Jimmy ‘Giggle’ Rees came with him when he set up his own Artist Management company, Red Mgmt. David now manages an exciting group of Australia’s finest talent, including of course, our own Bonnie Lythgoe.