Hailing from the UK, Simon is no stranger to the theatre with parents like Bonnie and Nigel Lythgoe, he grew up with showbiz running through his veins. In the late 80s Simon got his first role in theatre as an Assistant Stage Manger.  It wasn’t long after he made his first acting debut being eaten by the giant in “Jack & The Beanstalk”. The following year in “Cinderella” Simon was killed numerous times by Prince Charming, and in the next panto was shot every day by Robin Hood’s arrows. Realizing his theatre career would be the death of him, Simon tried to sweep it all under the rug. Discovering the rug actually belonged to Aladdin, he took a magical carpet ride Down Under.

Landing in Sydney, Simon met and married Princess Fiona (not the one from Shrek). Later the couple divorced, but that wasn’t before they had three delightful children, Tai-Kwon-Do King Kyan, Jedi Knight Tighe and Dancing Dominie.

Simon’s career in theatre continued at the Zenith, Chatswood, although it didn’t last very long because he refused to be killed anymore. He then moved into television where he worked at the Seven Network on various shows including, “Home & Away”, “Sydney 2000 Olympics”, “Saturday Disney”, “Gladiators” and finally “Popstars”.  The success of “Popstars” led him to Hollywood to produce the award winning “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance”.  After three Emmy nominations, a Producers Guild of America Award and a People’s Choice Award,  Simon is back Down Under, back in theatre, and ready to be killed one more time with laughter at the State Theatre. Now stop reading this and enjoy the show!

Oops… one more thing… Happy Birthday Cydonie and anyone else who has a birthday this year – you know who you are!