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“All you need is Faith, Trust and a little Pixie Dust”

“You can see why Bonnie Lythgoe is the most successful family producer. She has nailed it.”

“Fifty Shades Of Fabulous”
Angela Bishop

“A magical theatrical experience. Admirable production values.
Kev Orkian’s physical comedy is a joy, masterful and hilarious.”

Arts Review

“A rollicking mix of song, dance, fairytale and double entendre.
High production values and solid special effects.”

Australian Stage

“Hilarious, stupendous, high production values. This show ticks all of those the boxes in style.”
Herald Sun, Melbourne

“Hand on my heart Peter Pan and Tinkerbell’s Return to Panto Land was the most fun I have had in ages at a theatre show.
Interactive and hilarious yet heartfelt and imaginative, it was good old fashioned fun with a modern twist that left my whole family wanting more.
We boo’ed, hissed and cheered our way through the evil antics of Captain Hook and an innocent and realistically flying Peter Pan and left with massive smiles on our faces.
What a special memory to gift my 5 year old, her first big production was one of the best going around.
Get to this Panto and reignite your love of interactive theatre, well done Bonnie Lythgow.”

Emily Jade O’Keeffe Breakfast Radio announcer for 102.9 Hot Tomato


“ Thoroughly enjoyed Bonnie Lythgoe’s panto of Peter Pan. You can see why she’s the most successful family producer in this space – she just nailed it.

Congratulations to the whole cast – your energy… and professionalism helped make for a memorable evening – well done!”

Nicole Dyer, ABC Gold Coast Afternoon Announcer


“Peter Pan has always been about growing old but not necessarily growing up and that’s exactly how I felt during Bonnie Lythgoe’s production. I laughed way harder than I expected at so-bad-they’re-good puns, a super enthusiastic Tim Maddren as Peter, four hysterical pirate lackeys (and one particularly flamboyant one) and of course the fantastic Todd McKenney as Hook intentionally slipping in and out of character. It’s a show as much for the adults as it is the kids, if you let it be.”

Sally Coates – Gold Coast Bulletin


The Adventures of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in Return to Pantoland – Review
Review by Claudia Bianchi

Last week I had the great pleasure of viewing my very first pantomime at The Arts Centre on the Gold Coast.

Affordable Family Photography Bonnies Lythgoe’s production, The Adventures of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in the Return to Pantoland, is everything a Panto should be and more. Bonnie’s talent pool runs deep. She is a former dancer but also a producer, director and a choreographer. She oozes talent and the Gold Coast has just got a huge taste of it.

Just in time for the school holidays this family show is a rare and joyful treat. The biggest difference between a panto and musical theatre is the audience participation. You are encouraged to cheer as much as you are encouraged to boo! Captain Hook got a lot of boos from the audience and he absolutely loved it.

The sets and lighting and costumes where fantastic. The cast were mainly hits. None other than The Boy from Oz himself, Todd McKenney, superbly plays Captain Hook.

Tim Maddren who plays Peter Pan was my favourite. There was no one on that stage (besides three screaming girls) who had more fun that night. It was obvious and contagious. Oh, and boy can Peter Pan sing!

Smee, played by Mark Jones, was completely loveable and really had the crowd going. Other stand outs for me were the pirates and the lost boys.

Take the kids and enjoy a night of fairy tale entertainment. It’s a great take of the old tale and fun for all the family.

Review by Caroline Russo

Bonnie Lythgoe is the director and producer of The Adventures of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell which had its World Premiere at the Arts Centre Gold Coast last Friday night 23rd June.

It was welcomed with great applause and to the fact that Bonnie introduced the show to say that they only had 2 weeks to prep this show marks another applause as to the hard work that must have been placed on everyone in the show and at the Arts Centre.

Todd Mckenney is a delight as Captain Hook and the very talented Mark Jones who steals the show with Todd. This alone is a good reason to go see this much loved story as they are a hoot of fun and I loved the ab libbing that went on that gave more amusement as the night went on.

Tim Maddren is Peter Pan and Jamie Hadwen plays Tinker Bell who are well matched and add all the fun to their characters. The delightful pirates team who just give major enjoyment through out the night are a highlight in the show. The rest of the cast are just as perfect and great to see local talent on stage.
This is a great family event, but also for anyone that loves Peter Pan and good theatre you would love this show!

It does have a short season on Gold Coast, so in order to get to see the magic the glittering sets, musical numbers, and what is a big dose of great value entertainment I be quick to grab your tickets. My inner child was so happy and I saw many others that were with me in the grown up world.

Bonnie Lythgoe Delights All With New Production Of Peter Pan