If I told you how long ago I started my career I would be giving away a secret so I will say a long time ago before Panto took off in the UK well nearly.

The first time I went to the theatre was to see the magic adventures of Peter Pan, I was three years old and I loved every minute. So you could say this was the turning point in my short life. I wanted to be in Show Business.

At the age of 16 I received a place at a performing Arts College, but the bad thing was three months later I was cast in a feature film ‘To Sir With Love’ starring Sidney Poitier and so missed 9 months of College .

It was a fantastic job and I knew there was no going back, so in between class I rushed off to every audition I could.

My work varied from being the presenter of The Sooty Show to TV commercials to a 5 year contract with the BBC as a dancer in the famous Young Genation Dancers.

That took me through the 70’s into the 80’s and after dancing on several Royal Variety productions I by mistake became a choreographer here is how!!

A Panto company needed a choreographer, full of enthusiasm I staged the opening number with the dancers and had them leaping and jumping all over the stage and then on the dress rehearsal I realised the dancers head dresses were so big and heavy they couldn’t move so I had to change
the whole routine a day before the opening night. That was a sleepless night!

Moving along way forward before you get bored I started directing musical theatre productions in London.

Shows such as West Side Story, Best Little Whore House, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Chorus line and to be honest most Broadway shows.

At the same time I became a judge in search for S Club 7 juniors UK and then later a producer of American Idol and producer and Judge of ‘So you think you can Dance’ in USA .

Of course SYTYCD took me to Australia and I fell in love, not with a man you understand but with you, the people.

I knew I wanted to bring families to the theatre and enjoy what I had loved when
I was three years old.

If you are still awake I just need to tell you; Yes I did do ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’. Yes it took me a month to say yes, and yes I found the experience amazing. No, I had never been camping before or slept outside under the stars or tried to sleep to the sounds of the Jungle. Impossible!!!

I still don’t know how to open a sleeping bag.

So dear people I am signing off now and hope I bring a little joy into your lives as
you sit back relax and enjoy my new adventure, Cinderella.